Why You Should Jump Off Cliffs

When we choose to face uncertainty head-on, we get to practice being uncomfortable, which helps us to step out of the comfort zone that keeps us small and silent.

As much as I would love to claim that I have jumped off so many cliffs that I have perfected the Brené Brown art of Daring Greatly, I have come to realise that what drives me is not brave Icarus-like risk-taking. It’s actually curiosity, which has in turn led me to realise that jumping off cliffs is not about growing wings. It’s also not about quitting your job in pursuit of a dream.

Cliff-diving has taught me that falling is more valuable than flying because it enables you to plunge into the depths of yourself to discover the true extent of your abilities.

Jumping off cliffs is about embracing uncertainty rather than shutting oneself off from it. It’s about opening yourself up to figuring things out and trusting your innate ability and creative process. And if you think you don’t have a creative process, it’s likely because you have stuck to ‘The Yellow Brick Road’ for too long and have not jumped off enough cliffs. You cannot tap into creativity when you are living in a ‘not dead’ state. Creativity is not born from comfort; it is born within messiness, within tension, within the flux of uncertainty, and within the spark of curiosity. It is born when you stand right on the edge, looking down, and think, “I don’t know what will happen if I try this out, so let me see.”

  • Putting yourself in this deeply uncomfortable situation is how you grow?
  • Embracing the uncertainty will allow you to unlock a new realm of possibility?
  • Jumping is essential to harnessing the creativity that lies within you?
  • Jumping is the difference between living and not being dead yet?



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