When Gigs Fill Gaps: How Rwazi is Increasing Access to Data in Emerging Markets

Congratulations on the impressive achievements of Rwazi! What are some of the highlights and successes that you’re most proud of?

  • Closing our first customer
  • Winning multiple awards at the Southern Africa Startup Awards
  • Opening our U.S subsidiary
  • Reaching 10,000+ mappers in 40 countries across Africa.
  • Onboarding our first mappers in Asia.

Why did you feel compelled to start Rwazi?

It requires a disproportionate amount of willpower and delusion for a young African to lift themselves out of difficult circumstances and overcome all the systemic barriers in their country.

Photo by Alex Nemo Hanse on Unsplash

How did your interest in data arise?

Source: Telecoms.com

Was there a key moment when you realised the power of data in Africa?

What is the mission of Rwazi?

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome as a founder?

  • Absorb pressure
  • Embrace uncertainty
  • Know when to pursue and when to withdraw
  • Understand people’s underlying drives and intentions
  • Above all, know when to move against the current vs. riding the wave

How important has relationship-building been to the success of Rwazi?

You met your co-founder, Eric Sewankambo, along with your initial team whilst you were studying at the African Leadership University. How did your time at ALU help to shape your vision for Rwazi and get it off the ground?

Africa is home to the youngest and fastest-growing workforce in the world, yet most lack access to opportunity. How is Rwazi filling this gap and creating opportunities for young people on the continent?

We believe that gigs are the most accessible income-generating opportunities for young Africans and the most feasible approach to solve unemployment on the continent.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an end to many startups across the globe. How did it affect Rwazi?

Looking ahead, what are some of the Hard Things you’re hoping to achieve in 2022?

  1. Launch mapping activities in India.
  2. Launch multiple forms of mapping (more details to be shared soon).
  3. Grow our network to 100,000 mappers.




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