The Pathway to Sustainable Conservation

A Conversation with Kenyan Environmentalist and Changemaker, Akshay Vishwanath

Credit: WWF

The history of wildlife conservation is replete with examples of displacement of local communities and indigenous peoples.

Members of ‘Team Lioness’, Kenya’s all-female ranger squad (Credit: See Africa Today)

Local peoples across the continent are fully capable of solving their own environmental, social and economic problems if the barriers to them doing so are removed.

Credit: andBeyond

The truly impactful and long-lasting work of conservation is best done by local organisations and by people rooted in their communities.

Credit: Re:wild

The hope that things can be better is what drives you to take action — because only if you think things can be different will you try.

If we can overcome the conservation challenges affecting Nairobi National Park, we can succeed anywhere else.



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