The (lonely) view from the top: Dominique Mielle on surviving and thriving in the male-dominated hedge fund business

In asset management and particularly in hedge funds, female participation at the top level is almost as non-existent today as it was when I started twenty years ago.

“Women lack examples of successful women in investing… which I think leads women to opt out of the career path.” I set out to write the book for women to opt-in. I wanted to present a female success story.

Trading is powerful in that it teaches you to accept failure as business-as-usual. You must accept it as just the flip side of positive trades. It’s a powerful way to build resilience.

The job of investing is highly creative and it requires imagination, ingenuity, and guts — all qualities that women have in equal quantity with men.




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A global community of trailblazers on a mission to change the world

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