The Gift of Learning from the Next Generation

In the words of Maya Angelou, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

4 min readDec 2, 2021

Reflecting on a year of meaningful events in The Room, Keamogetse “Moula” Mokhobo-Amegashie shares her thoughts on the gift of paying it forward and what it means to open doors for the next generation.

To be able to pay it forward is one of the things I am most grateful for.

This year has been filled with some extraordinary events in The Room — from an unforgettable retreat in Malindi to beautiful lunches and thought-provoking Masterclasses. But without a doubt, the highlight for me has been the opportunity to meet and converse with talented young leaders.

I primarily focus on partnering with clients in the commercial sector at the Board and senior executives levels, so the opportunity to meet and interact with younger and less experienced men and women has been an absolute joy. These young leaders are reading across multiple disciplines trying to solve complex problems in the world in the non-profit space, the policy space, in higher education and through technology, so the conversations are very uplifting.

What has been riveting for me is experiencing their passion, drive and consciousness. I don’t recall being as engaged and analytical on global issues at their age. We typically studied to become lawyers, accountants, medical doctors, engineers and the like. What I find fascinating with this generation is that their interests are more expansive and diverse, and they are acutely aware and alive to environmental and sustainability issues. These young African leaders are keen on leading the charge to change Africa’s fortunes by actively educating themselves and challenging the status quo, leveraging technology and innovation.

Interacting with the talent of the future invigorates and excites me tremendously.

In my field as a head hunter, I usually interact with business leaders who are trying to find experienced executives to lead multinational organisations at Board and Executive levels. What has struck me about interacting with these young leaders is how different their thinking processes are. These young men and women come to the party confident and expressive, wanting to change the world and make it a sustainable, equitable and inclusive one.

Typically, young people can be quite starry-eyed and utopian in how they see things, and it has actually been refreshing interacting with these young leaders in The Room when you are slightly older and more jaded.

We all need sponsors, and the best we can do is to pay it forward, to hear them, to believe in them and to open doors for them. The truth is that none of us get to a place of success just because we’re unique or special. We get there because someone listens to us, believes in us and opens doors for us.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

My purpose has always been linked to paying it forward and creating opportunities for others. Whether I’m helping a company attract their next Chairman, Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer, my role has always been that of an advisor/facilitator.

To be a member of a purpose-driven community resonates deeply with me. It’s an extension of what my passion is and what my life’s journey is about.

These experiences — which are filled with opportunities to be inspired by the leaders of tomorrow — are a blessing and truly priceless.

Moula Mokhobo-Amegashie is the Managing Partner at Drayton Glendower & Mokhobo and leads the Executive Search Capability across sub-Saharan Africa. She is an expert in the sub-Saharan business landscape and has partnered with multinational organisations across numerous sectors building their Boards and Executive Committee teams.




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