The Future of Food: How Michelle Adelman is Reimagining the Food System in Africa

What sparked your interest in the food industry?

You’re from the US but you’ve been living in Botswana and South Africa for quite some time now. What brought you to the continent in the first place?

There is nothing more important than tackling food insecurity in Africa; it is the central catalyst for so many things.

You’re revolutionising food and the way it’s produced on a continent facing severe food insecurity. What motivated you to take on this challenge?

Just last year, the levels of food insecurity in Africa increased by more than 60%. This was partially due to Covid-19, but also caused by climate events that destroyed harvests and crops. How can a plant-based diet help to decrease those numbers?

How do you see Infinite Foods playing a role in making healthy food more accessible and affordable in the countries within which you operate?

Photo credit: My Kitchen
  • First, we are bringing the top-quality international brands with the most buzz and great tasting products to Africa. Burgers from Beyond Meat, milk from Oatly, butter from Miyokos and eggs from JUST are paving the way for people to think differently about needing to have an animal-based product because they taste so great.
  • Second, we are incubating local brands to create more variety and localised flavours of plant-based food, while fueling entrepreneurism and job growth.
  • Third, we are driving toward local manufacturing of both international and local brands to make products more affordable and to tap into the local ingredient supply chain, thus enabling farmers.
  • And lastly, we are launching a hospitality vertical with foodservice formats — from fine dining to ‘spaza shops’ — to create accessibility in all parts of the market.

It’s only been three years since you established Infinite Foods and already you have products in over 1000 retail and food service outlets — not to mention being named the Best Plant-Based Food Business in the world. What is the secret to your success?

Why is reimagining the food system in Africa and beyond such a vital mission?

In promoting a plant-based diet, do you see a future where everyone goes vegan?

Photo by IgorVetushko on Crello

What would your advice be for those who are thinking about changing their diet, but aren’t sure where to start?

Finally, in your opinion, what difference does individual wellness make to the collective wellness of our communities and our planet?



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