The Challenge of Pacing Productivity

Photo by Steven Lelham on Unsplash
Photo by Amr Taha™ on Unsplash

The drive for success, quick success at that, easily overshadows deeper, more enduring qualities of achievement.

  1. That which appears unproductive may be very significant. Ask yourself or notice, “When was the last time you were caught in the act of thinking on the job?” A reflective practice optimises deliverables in the long run, whatever they may be.
  2. Personal identity precedes productivity. This is a fundamental principle of high performance. The courage to be is rarer today than the impulse to do. I am not merely the person you see in motion, working hard to have impact. My values and clarity about my mission impact productivity.
  3. Quality of time differs from quantity of time. The Greeks distinguish between chronos and kairos, two kinds of time. The latter, kairos, refers to the critical or opportune time, which may never recur. Recognising the kairos moment requires some measure of stillness or a pause in the action.




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A global community of trailblazers on a mission to change the world

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