Every Day is Africa Day!

Africa should not be the theme of the year or the decade. Every day should be ‘Africa Day’, and we should be recognised as a force to be reckoned with.

You have dedicated the majority of your career to the development of infrastructure across Africa, including 10 years at the African Development Bank. What led you into this line of work?

What does it mean to you to create a positive impact on the continent?

When you open a tap for the first time and have water flowing, you see how it changes the lives of families and communities.

What would you say the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa is lacking, and what can be done to change this?

The dearth of African capital is stopping African ideas.

Research underscores the unfortunate state of water and electricity access on the continent, despite the abundance of natural resources and capabilities that exist. Why are we not tapping into our natural and human resources as we should?

Letting time flow without doing anything doesn’t recognise the urgency of the needs of citizens and business players.

How do you think African organisations could better position themselves to produce home-grown solutions for sustainable development?

To produce homegrown solutions, space for innovation is needed.

How have concerns around climate change impacted your work?

Ethics and governance are the cornerstone of having a faithful commitment to combating climate change.

Eranove prides itself on being a pan-African organisation. Why do you think this positioning is so important?

Pan-Africanism is not a position we take out of opportunity; it’s a reality.




A global community of trailblazers on a mission to change the world

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A global community of trailblazers on a mission to change the world

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