Business Agility: Coaching as a Leadership Transformation Tool

Shifting from command-and-control leadership to becoming a visionary

Executive coaching has long demonstrated success supporting company leaders through complex, ever-evolving business challenges. It is a contractual relationship between a coach and a coachee where the objective is to improve performance, especially in leadership and management. Coaching provides company leaders with an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and approach situations from different perspectives, enabling them to take actions toward achieving business goals. In creating an agile company, coaching can be used to help the executive team adapt to the changing business leadership needs.

Companies that ranked higher on managing the impacts of the pandemic were also those with agile practices deeply embedded in their enterprise operating models.

Building a coaching culture

To guarantee the return on a coaching investment, connecting your team with the right coach(es) is critical. Recently the Africa Executive Coaching Council (AECC) was founded to build a coaching ecosystem that promotes best practice and connects businesses with a certified coaches’ network across the continent. In March 2021, the Council will host Africa’s first Coaching Convention for in-depth conversations on how coaching has been used to transform business performance across all sectors along with the building blocks to creating a coaching culture.



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