Bogolo Joy Kenewendo — Changing the Narrative on Young, Female Leadership in Africa.

Back in 2018, at only the age of 30, Bogolo Joy Kenewendo became one of Africa’s few young and female government ministers, serving as Botswana’s youngest ever member of parliament, youngest female cabinet minister in the history of the country and the youngest cabinet minister in Africa during her tenure.

Needless to say, there is low representation of women in leadership and decision-making positions across Africa. We caught up with her to better understand what inspired her journey and in turn how we can address the delays and limits that compromise many a girl’s ability to dream.

Here are her responses to some of the questions we posed:

What inspired you to take the life path that you did?

What’s been the most important skill that you’ve developed on your professional journey?

What has been your favourite thing about working in your role and your least favourite thing?

What piece of advice would you give to someone working in a similar space and/or looking to start a career in your industry?

What’s the most exciting thing coming down the pipeline for you (can be personal, professional or both)?

Needless to say, Bogolo’s journey is a beacon of hope for young female leadership in Africa. Her story highlights that women of any age, as long as they have the ability, must be involved in Africa’s decision-making process.

Keep up with Bogolo Joy Kenewendo’s journey here.



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