After acquiring decades of experience as a high-flying business strategist in New York, Michelle Adelman had a change of heart: “I just woke up one day and decided it was time to give back.” …

Some of the suggestions are simpler than you might think.

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By Osato Evbuomwan

Every 40 seconds, someone dies by suicide.

More self-love might not be the solution.

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By Daniella Sachs

I don’t know about you, but the realisation that it is already October has thrown me for a complete and utter loop. I mean there are only 2 and a half months left of this year, and I am barely through my 2021 to-do list. The growing…

Masai Ujiri, NBA Champion and President of the Toronto Raptors, recently announced a major investment in the infrastructure of basketball throughout Africa, harnessing the power of sports to create opportunities for youth and propel the continent forward.

As a passionate ambassador of The Room, Masai spoke with basketball broadcaster Silalei…

Hint: The reason is not what you are expecting.

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By Daniella Sachs

After reading the title of this piece, I have no doubt that your mind is already filled with images of sun-drenched savannahs sparkling with dust clouds kicked up by the hooves of galloping wildebeest as they zig and zag to avoid the clutches of a lion. Or…

If you had the opportunity to sit down with a revolutionary leader, what would you ask?

The Room was honoured to welcome His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, for a Special Edition of The Pathway, a conversation series with global leaders.

Hosted by Fred Swaniker and…

Why can’t we talk about pay? Why do employers shroud salary talk under a cloak of secrecy? And why are employees uncomfortable talking with co-workers about what they earn? Osato Evbuomwan investigates this hush-hush topic.

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In some organisations, sharing personal salary details is a sanctionable offence. Employees are often bound…

You may be asking the wrong questions

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To usher in his upcoming Masterclass in The Room, Microsoft Executive Andrew de Rozairo argues that individuals and organisations alike need to embrace the latest innovations in tech, making a case for why AI provides the most value.

Is technology really so valuable and transformative?

  • In 1996, just 25 years…

What sets you apart is the very thing that makes you successful

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By Daniella Sachs

My mother bumped into my very first pre-primary school teacher a while ago. “Ah, how is your daughter doing?”, my former teacher said with a twinkle in her eye. “Off on some tangent or the other doing something I hardly understand,” responded my mother. “I’m still waiting…

Lessons from a recovering perfectionist

By Osato Evbuomwan

Photo by Thomas Stephan on Unsplash

At some point in life, we all fail at something. It could be in the really big things like getting fired from a job or ending a relationship. Or we could fail at everyday things like missing a deadline or ruining a recipe. In each instance, the…

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